The Resurrection Tour: A concert review of Crown The Empire, Asking Alexandria, and Black Veil Brides.

The Resurrection Tour: A concert review of Crown The Empire, Asking Alexandria, and Black Veil Brides.

I will offer insight to my old and new readers who are going to read this concert review for the resurrection tour of headliners Asking Alexandria and Black Veil Brides and their support Crown The Empire. Before I open any review content I will offer the reader who I am and what’s up with me. Well, to my new and old readers the February 27th concert marked an end of my three year concert no see drought. It was my first concert I have been to since the Blackmass in 2014. Intially I wanted to go to a lot of concerts in between the time of the three years. But loosing my appendix, loosing a gallbladder, my right ovary eating my intestines causing a inguinal hernia, a massive golf sized humanoid tumor in my uterus, tons of endometerial tissue cauterized off my uterus, and my left knee turned into what I nicknamed as the Terminator knee(I was born with birth defected knees that requires surgeries throughout my life unfortunately). I have endured four major operations within the better amount of my dry concert period. Cause I deal with quite a lot of medical issues ranging from chronic migraine, endometerosis, poly cystic ovarian syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, gastroparesis, etc. The list is huge. So I unfortunately had to skip out on a lot concerts that came to my area including Andy Black due to weather and medical reasons. THAT made me feel very sad that I could not attend.

While I was enduring a lot from having four major operations, countless amounts of poking and proding, several CAT scans, MRIs, X-RAYS up the ass,etc. I also had to do a lot of GI testing and get poked in my head with Botox injections which hurt worse than tattoo needles. I needed a release. I got a temporary fix on 11/16/16 when I got my first tattoo.

Now I craved for a real release to get rid of the anguish, depression, etc I have been going through. I lost all my grandpa’s(due to cancer and natural causes). It’s been a different life without my grandpa’s in my life. With dealing with death, mental health, and physical health. I was overjoyed to find out BVB was coming to the Knitting Factory on February 27th, 2018 with AA and CTE In September of 2017. I instantly got the pre-sale tickets for my mom and I. My mom is a big BVB fan. She doesn’t have social media. But I stand in for my mom. The one huge factor in our way was the weather. It snowed two nights before the big night. Which stressed me out a lot. Thankfully the snow plowers did there jobs in which the roads were thankfully clear two days later for the big trip up to Spokane and back to my town. It’s a good four hour round trip. I got home at 3 am on February 28th. I got four hours of sleep that day. I had to clean that day with my mom. It was fun but it was worth it. 😆

Now let’s get the show on the road and stop talking about me. But I can go ten or fifteen days on myself. Talk about potatoes. Peak your interest. Let’s get some fry sauce and start this concert review.

My trip up to Spokane was very uneventful. My mom and I didn’t know what extent the roads were going to be like. So getting up there was stress full. I of course had to pick up my kid used to babysit and her boyfriend. They were tagging along with my mom and I. It was my kids I used to babysit for first concert ever and her first BVB show. I was so happy and excited for everything.

We got up to Spokane fine. Besides a few asshat drivers who didn’t know how to drive and got my mom’s road rage. LOL. We went and did some things before the concert. My kid that I used to babysit wanted to go to the mall, we went to a store called White Elephant for a personal reason, and other things.

They dropped me off at the correct time for the meet and greet. Here I am in line for the meet and greet pic and my meet and greet to meet BVB pic.

I was so nervous, emotional, and excited to see the guys again. Mostly I was stressed out at the time being cause my phone at the time had it’s service cut off and everything. I paid for the darn thing. I have it situated now but I was really stressed out cause my pre-sale tickets never came in the mail. It was during the time were two mail carriers were caught either throwing away loads and loads of mail or burned up about 60+ huge crates of mail. I fear my mom and Is tickets were the victim of there fraudulent activity and was thrown away or burned. It’s a total loss. But it was a huge penny earned for me. Cause I emailed about the situation to ticketweb. They issued will call duplicate tickets to replace the lost tickets in the mail. So I was stressed out being in the meet and greet line trying to figure out where the fuck will call was in the building. I finally got to it. They held a ticket for my mom. I got myself and low and behold they felt bad about what happened. They gave me a free fucking ticket. I felt bad cause the ticket would purely go to waste. So I am keeping it as a reminder that even in shit times good things can happen. I went in and re-entered the meet and greet line. Everyone got there tote bag and posters that were signed. I was still confused as fuck as to were to go. The people who consoled me about being emotional about showing BVB my tattoo that day helped me out with getting my tote bag and signed poster. You ladies are amazing. I love you so much. Your the true context and reason of the BVB army. That’s why I am so happy and content with being a part of this army. Besides the bullshit and drama of the fan base. We all are amazing and kickass people. I was in line with my second family. I never felt so at home away from home. I watched everyone meet the guys. The perks of being the last person in line. I set my things on the side. My mom couldn’t come and meet the guys with me. She had to stay with the kid I used to babysit and her boyfriend. She said it’s a mom thing and said she couldn’t leave a 15 year old by herself. Which is common sense. I agree. So I pretty much did a big deal thing and met the guys alone. So it worked out. I remember the two girls that consoled me getting done with there meet and greet. It was my turn. Fuck. Does a potato turn red. Yes it does. There for red potatoes. I turned fifty shades of red potatoes inside. Although from the last time I met BVB. I apologized for being such a real asshole to there band. It took bravery and a lot of “I have been through hell and back, I sure as shit can come off behind the keyboard and mouse to give vis-vis apology for my wrong doing to BVB”. I sure as shit did on 11/8/2014. But this time I was meeting them on a new leaf cause the page had turned from the apology and them all forgiving me. I freaking had a beautiful BVB tattoo on shoulder to escalate things even more.

I want to say special thanks to two people. One to BVB’s bodyguard, Yanni, for making sure shit was together. Asking me if I was the last one in line. I should have said “This persons going to be the last one” lol. Ahh oh well. He did a great job. The second one goes to Katie Wiggins. Thank you so much for the small gesture of telling me to not forget about my things. I suffer chronic migraine. Which in turn affects my cognition. My stress at the time was through the roof and I left my stuff there cause my mom was not there at the time to hold it for me. She usually does it for me cause I am disabled. But I got my big girl pants on that day. I got through it. Thank you so much Katie for helping me remind myself to get my stuff. I am very thankful for you in that moment. If you ever read this. You’re very awesome. You kick ass at what you do. So thank you so much Yanni and Katie. This little section is a appreciation to you. Same goes with everyone on BVB crew.

But I said my Hello’s for the people who wanted me to forward them to the guys. Andy pops off “Everyone says Hi” I said “Pretty much”. Of course I handed out there individual fan letters. They all were very happy in receiving there fan letters. Of course Andy had to call me “Potatoes” which is what through me off. Never thought in a million years I would hear him say “Potatoes” to me(I am easily entertained 😂). I eventually recovered in my mind. Now the big moment. The sharing of my favorite thing on myself. My beautiful tattoo (see above). My first one. I told them I had something to show them. Then I showed them it. I wish I could freeze a moment. A moment in time that is precious as that was to me. When they all couldn’t say anything. But that they loved my tattoo. It’s right there I knew I had true devotion to this band and love. I felt so happy and proud to be a part of the BVB army. Despite my past. I am so happy that the leaf is turned now. That everything is new. I am excited to start a new and exciting adventure with the guys and BVB army beside me. You all individually mean the world to me. No matter how insignificant our friendship is. I love you so much. Always will. But what I experienced. Is something I will cherish forever.

Side note, I did get to tell my mom vis-vis that her ticket was being held at will call cause I couldn’t make out a call or a text cause my phones service got cut off. It was a pain in the ass. I was thankful I wasn’t the only one who had phone issues. Other people did to. I didn’t feel so alone.

As the regular queue was getting in. I already got my merch from early merch call. Even though before hand I already met BVBs merch guy and confused him. I said I needed the VIP tote bag and poster. He thought I was in line short changing him already to get merch. LOL. I helped him out diciphering Silverstein in the merch box. Oh hello middle school. There merch guys are funny.

I found my mom. Best sight ever. Took me 20 minutes. Her and I moved throughout the entire venue trying to get a great area to see the stage. We got the stairs. LOL. It is what it is. I enjoyed the enthusiasm of the crowd singing the venues radio station. Singing everything from Motley Crue to Bon Jovi. Between intermissions. It was very awesome to be a part of the choir again.

I want to make note that I found my uncle’s sidekick at the concert( For those who don’t know about my uncle Mark Hanna, he is a well known fan in the Pacific Northwest that has met loads of bands such as KISS, Warant before Jani Lane passed away, Quite Riot, Slaughter, NKOTB, and even met WWE wrestling stars. My uncle also has worked for 18 years local GNC supplement store in Lewiston, ID, the owner of the place is a member of the chippendales, My uncle has gotten around a lot, he is considered a celebrity in my area, I support it loads however, being family I give him the tease eye roll lol I kid hahaha, My uncle is funny as hell). He was jumping up and down like a rabbit and air guitaring just like my uncle does at concerts. People were making jokes at him. But I wasn’t. He reminded me one of my favorite uncle’s, Uncle Mark. He is a character for doing crazy shit like that. Cool little of track note, I went to a Dokken concert in 2011. I shit you not, my uncle had his own little gig on the floor going and people were supporting the hell out of him. I am always on my uncle’s team. It’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen when Don Dokken has to stop the concert and say “Yo dude you put my moves to shame”. It’s always something when I bring my uncle to shows. I hope someday I get to bring him to Black Veil Brides.

Crown The Empire was very good. I am not to much of fan. But I enjoyed there set as a specktator. As I learned from my past experience from hating bands,etc. It’s not worth my time. But I simply just enjoyed the company of good people. Sparked up mini conversations with people around me while CTE was playing. I am wished I could have paid attention. But beings though the music wasn’t doing it for me. I didn’t want to force myself into liking the music. I gave them my respect. For that, I was given my dignity and respect from people around me.

Now to get into the two acts I was looking forward to seeing. Asking Alexandria for the first time. BVB for the third time. But this was my first time seeing Asking Alexandria for the first time. I have been trying to see AA for years now. I remember the last time they came through to Spokane not with BVB but they were on the ten years in the black tour. But my grandpa was in the hospital dying. So I couldn’t make it to Spokane to see them. I had to stay in Orofino to bid farewell to my lovely grandfather who passed away November 1st,2016. So this was my grandpa saying sorry and enjoy your time of seeing AA. It was funny as hell that they had to come out twice due to crew error cause one of their crew heads forgot to plug in the power auxiliary cords. So we got to see AA twice in a one for show. Ben and Danny kept the hooker and prostitute jokes flowing. James looked very amused. While the crew worked on to get power up. I enjoyed my first time seeing Asking Alexandria. I mostly got worked up when the acoustic set got pulled out and”Vultures” and I cried when Danny tributed “Someone, Somewhere” to the armed forced and the people who have lost their lives. I looked up at the concert venue ceiling and blew a kiss to my grandpa’s Ross and Hanna. To my classmate Kelsey A. who died stationed in Guam. They played songs that have been a great help to my sobriety. Like “To The Stage” I will be five years clean on March 22, 2018. It hasn’t been a easy fest for me. It’s been hell. I live in hell every day with my opiod addiction. I live in pain every day with my medical issues. So to hear some of the “Reckless and Relentless” album played live in front of me. Has impacted my sobriety in such a way that I am appreciative and thankful for it. To hear classics of AA’s such as “The Final Prphochy” ,”Not The American Average”, “Killing You” “Run Free” , etc and new songs such as “Where did it go?”, “Alone In A Room”, “Into The Fire”, etc played were truly awestruckingly kickass to me. I have been a fan of theirs for five years. But finally to see them live is something I will never forget. Especially playing their last song the encore “Moving On” the song to which I fell in love with Asking Alexandria to begin with. To hear and see the song played live that connected you to the band for the first time, I can quite surely say that there were tears, goosebumps, and needing the the restroom afterwards. Hahaha.

Now the stage was getting ready for Black Veil Brides. Whilst while everyone else was waiting for BVBs crew to get there set ready. The venues radio station came back on again. Now the choir was really getting our pipes practicing and ready for the sweet torture of screaming the lyrics and singing every word to each track played by Black Veil Brides. Everything from Metallica, Motley Crue, Bon Jovi, etc. Plus during each intermission my mom and I dealt with people confused if we were in the line for the concessions or not. I told them they were in the right place and I wasn’t in line but in my spot a hundred times. LOL.

Of course Black Veil Brides blew up the house at the Knitting Factory again. I tried taking pictures. But decided against cause my old fashioned soul wanted to enjoy every drop of unleashing three years of anguish, hurt, frustrations, etc into that concert. That one night. I wanted to just be care free and not deal with my problems for the precious time I had with BVB in concert. They opened the choir with “Faithless” , “Coffin” , “Rebel Love Song” ,”The Legacy” , “Lost It All” ,”Wake Up”,”I Am Bulletproof” “When They Call They Name”, “Wretched and Divine”,”Knives and Pens” “Shadows Die” , “Perfect Weapon” , “Fallen Angels” and “In The End”. From start to finish I was screaming and headbanging like my life depended on it. I felt at home away from home from potatoland. I felt like I was one with the people in the concert venue. Although we were different in many ways, we all shared the same bonds and love through music that holds our army or family together. Whatever we go through as in terms of drama bullshit or whatever. Always know family has each other’s backs no matter what. I felt like everyone in that concert venue despite some drunk asshole getting thrown out of the venue for being a asshole, my poor little kid I used to babysit got into a tussle with her boyfriend. Thankfully her boyfriend protected my little kid I used to babysit and punched the guy who was harrassing people and trying to start a bad mosh pit. Her boyfriend did get messed up a bit but he is 110 okay. No broken bones or anything. He said he sprained his ankle a bit. But we called his grandma to ask how he is doing and all is well. He calls it concert battle wounds. The security guard thanked him for punching him. It was funny. Despite him being hurt.

I quite enjoyed the #TBT on “When They Call They Name” it’s such a beautiful thing to ever happen and to witness live. I will never forget I thought out loud when liquid butter interview snippet came up and I yelled “Andy’s voice is like liquid butter”. I had two reactions. The people who got it. The people who did not get it. The people who got it doubled over and loled. The others just gave me the wtf look. Hahaha. But anyways the material used on it created by Patrick Fogarty was very emotional and beautiful to see.

Whomever is AA’s and BVB’s lighting director. Mad props to you guys works on the best theatrics for each set. I have chronic migraine. Even though there was white used in the affects. My sensitivity to light is very aggressive. It wasn’t to sharp or hard. My only concern is to put filters on the pure white backgrounds or use an off white background cause there is a huge group of people in the BVB army and AA family that suffers chronic migraine. Other than that your visuals and lightning is spectacular as a potato getting bedazzled.

The part where everyone sang Juliet a belated Happy Birthday was a cool experience I will never forget. Ever. It was incredibly awestruckingly beautiful to see Juliet being so shy to get up on stage and accept her birthday wishes from the crowd.

My mom and I enjoyed the encore. She enjoys her favorite’s “In The End” and “Fallen Angels”. She absolutely goes bonkers when they play her two favorites last. It’s become the highlight of every Black Veil Brides show of mine. Seeing my 47 mother fangirl so hard over BVB is something I take near and dear to my heart. I never knew how the fuck I turned her on to BVB. But I am very happy that I did so. It’s the best thing in the world. To bond with my mom with a a band with positive recollection of self worth and being proud of who you are. This is the fucking band I want parents to bond with there children. I want parents disregard what the internet has to say about Black Veil Brides and actually go to there concerts and actually experience the choir for themselves. Who cares what there co-worker Sally or Tim said about BVB. Those people are people of my past life I chose never to resurrect again. Miserable people. My homework for people out there who are afraid of taking there kids to BVB concert. Just do it. The new found bond I have with my mom is amazing. I couldn’t take it for granted. This for the countless posts I read from kids whom have parents who won’t take there kids to concerts.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Jake Pitts aunt and uncle at the show. They are very kind and generous people. Jake’s relatives are very funny. Jake’s aunt popped off to me “This is my type of music I listen to but we are here to support our nephew, Jake Pitts” and his uncle said ” I quite enjoy our nephews music the rest is just not my type” Jake Pitts, your aunt and uncle rule. I walked out of the venue laughing my ass off cause that.

All in all, our trip home was great and smooth sailing. Our group got to see a man get arrested for possible drugs at a pit stop in Colfax, Washington. Upon our departure from the gas station from Colfax to home the guy got out of police custody. Me thinking out loud again popped off again “Yo dude you better go inside and buy a lottery ticket.” Everyone started laughing hard at my little comment. Then on the way home, Z-Rock 96.5 played “The Last One” as an ode to a farewell to great night of memories made with lovely people. It was a great gravy topper to the mashed potatoes of the night I had with great people. Everyone go to and from home safely. Got to see a awesome concert. Filled with new memories and ones that I will never forget till the day I die. Especially the one of showing BVB my tattoo. That has stuck with me for awhile. I am afriad it’s going to stick forever. Ever. I can’t wait to see them in the future. Keep being “Be well, be strong” and “Never give in, never back down.”

I also need your help I am going to be coming up with a deadline for this soon. But it’s up to you, you the reader you got my digital pen you get the chance to voice to your opinion on “Vale” link here:

I am also in the process of reviewing Asking’s self titled so everything is very slothy in my headquarters. I am a very small percentile of BVB army members whom got extremely sick straight after the concert. It’s either the flu or the cold. I happened to got the cold. I didn’t catch it at the concert. So unfortunately for us small percentile fans this bug was watching and waiting to attack us at the right moment. I am still not one hundred percent. But I am feeling better now. But will slowly be getting into my reviews. 😊🤘

Enjoy this read. I appreciate and love every one of my readers.

Concert at Knitting Factory, Spokane, Washington. February 27th 2018. The Resurrection Tour: Asking Alexandria, Black Veil Brides, and Crown The Empire.

Written by: Mariah Hanna @PotatoBVBQueen *See About page about astric 3/19/2018

American Satan: A Film/Soundtrack Review

American Satan: A Film/Soundtrack Review

Chronic Potato Queen Writer would like to introduce you the reader what she got told in college by her college professor that is her calling in life. Reviewing films and music. I took a film 101 review class for my humanities for my failed nursing career. I would had a solid A+ in that class but I to fully withdraw from college in 2011 due chronic migraine plus my rare migraine condition spontaneous intracranial hypotension one in half a million births has, my disease is very debilitating. I will talk about it more further in the review.

I also would like to make a clause that I am dearly sorry to my long time readers. My health issues has not been great lately. I am struggling a lot. The crippling depression, constant migraines, and constant physical chronic pain has been keeping me pretty busy away from my hobbies and away from digital devices. So I am currently trying to keep myself above water and my pain levels at bay. I have been coping the best I can. But now that I am getting things together. My mental health and physical health somewhat are okay. I am well enough to tackle my love of rock and roll journalling. Let’s get this review started shall we.

As you all know I have wanted to review American Satan for the longest time. Well here we are. With huge topics we can talk about like the Illuminati, Satan himself, gluttony, sin, greed, drugs, sex, and rock and roll. This will get talked about a lot in my film review for American Satan which was written and directed by Ash Alvisden under his separate company Sumerian Films adjacent to his record company Sumerian Records. The soundtrack delivers a great various of ballads, hard hitters, and overall shit kickers that will crank out in any car stereo or any radio player.

The track list for the American Satan soundtrack:

  1. Me Against The Devil
  2. Hell Is For Children
  3. Let Him Burn
  4. Nights In White Satin
  5. We Lose Control
  6. Save A Prayer
  7. Cadeance Of My Heart
  8. Personal Jesus
  9. Forgive Me Mother
  10. Hey, Hey, My, My( Into The Black)

      Me Against The Devil Is very lyrically crafted to let to let listener know the tale of ones triumphs with there inner demons. Whether it be sex, drugs, rock and roll, alcoholism, etc. Whatever the reason the person dables with there inner demons with. This song showcases it well in a funky up beat rock and roll vibe with a hard rock twist.

      On a off note: Remington Leith’s vocalations for Andy Biersack’s character Johnny Faust made me really want to sit in a dark room just to review this album so I can just imagine what I am going to be in for. Remington’s vocals are very unique and special. With his band Palaye Royale. I am fan of. I am not hardcore into them. But I am fan of them. They are one of those bands that are going to go far. Props to Sumerian Records for signing them. Much respect. Remington’s singing voice over for Andy Biersack’s character was a good choice. Even though there is comment threads out there that says other wise. The other muscians who lend there craft and work to make either the soundtrack or the score happen deserve all the awards. Even though the film has received tons of nominations and awards already for it’s feature.

      Hell Is For Children is another lyrically crafted song. Actually telling children hell is for them is however no bueno. lol. But this song has any personal meaning that anyone can relate to if you are bullied in school or your a kid in the system like foster care. This song is for kids who go through hell everyday of there lives cause life isn’t what it was 20 years ago were we all can be carefree. Kids are being killed at school, sexual assualted ( my personal experience #MeToo), raped, etc. Even the school teacher is the predator nowadays. So if you are a parent, foster, or gaurdian. Let your young one listen to this song. It is from a fictional band. But the meaning and purpose behind it is what needs to be told to youth of today. You’re not alone. Keep fighting. Hang in there.

      Let Him Burn is what I got introduced to the Relentless. It’s what introduced me to the theme of what Ash Alvidsen took American Satan down to. It was the first song that promotional the film. The lyrically content is badass in sorts of the imagery of what all the nooks and crannies American Satan entails.

      Nights In White Satin is a slower song on the soundtrack. It showcase’s the prowlace and retrospect of the beauty of what American Satan has to offer. I believe this song can be interpreted into anything the reader pinpoints it to. It can be dedicated to anyone who wants to woo there significant other or crush in a rock and roll fashion. It’s a song anyone can joy and bond over. Hell I can have a elegant date with myself and have a huge bowl of mashed potatoes. This is what this song reminds me of. I am weirdo. But that’s beside the point. Since Valentine’s day is coming up. Dedicate this song to your crush, wife, husband, etc. It’s a beautiful song with no need to explain it.

      We Lose Control is one of the main shit kickers on the soundtrack. It’s the main call to arms for the film for the support of the Relentless. The gang chants for “American Satan” at the end of the song are haunting enough. Even though these songs on this soundtrack are made for a fictional band that will never tour. It will forever saddened the hell out of me this song will never get played live. The message behind the song has helped me out in a weird way. It’s told me to loose control of my bad habits and enjoy life more. Life is too short.

      Save A Prayer, regardless of ones religious beliefs. I am remaining secular on this. This song has a lot to offer. Rock and roll is universal in terms of bringing lots of ethnic groups and cultures together into a huge melting pot. The same goes for religion in rock music. It attaches so main people’s beliefs into one massive Vin diagram or bubble map. The songs moto through the fictional band the Relentless tells there audience to not hold back on anything. “To say a prayer for the morning after.” Everyone sins in the world no matter how little or big. But the songs main purpose is whether if people commit sin or not. You got to face the facts in the morning. LOL.

      Cadence Of My Heart is one of the other in your face tracks on the American Satan soundtrack by the Relentless. This song has a lot of piss and vinegar but offers the listener positive feedback of “No we have heart. We are rock and roll. If you don’t like it. There is the door.” The kickass not giving a fuck what you think but stay true to yourself vibes of the song is a dying need in rock nowadays. I love songs like these that have messages of “Fuck the man. But you create your own man.” type of messages. Music is often monotone anymore. Some bands release not so great material. Here a fictional band puts out all killer and no filler soundtrack.

      Personal Jesus is a cover song by Depeche Mode’s original song “Personal Jesus”. From my perspective the cover was done amazingly well. I have heard a dozen covers of the song in my day of being 26 years old. Remington Leith did a damn great job on the cover. The lyrics are very classic as in. “Reach out and touch faith” has been used by several marketing campaigns for Halloween ever. Great choice for a cover song for a fictional band for the soundtrack.

      Forgive Me Mother is standout to me lyrically. It’s a huge love and apology letter to mother’s. It reminds me so hard of Danzigs “Mother”. When we are at lowest or we go through the toughest of times the one thing we reach out the most to is our moms. They are our rocks. They carry us for 9 months and raise us for 18 years of our lives. Only to hope to release us out into the world thinking that the apple of their eyes will achieve greatness and sometimes it goes to shit. I love how this song focused on apologizing for the father sins and wanting to make there mothers proud. It’s very heartfelt. A song to be time frame for generations to come to dedicate to our precious mother’s. Especially mine, love you Mom, her name is Amber.

      Hey. Hey, My, My,( Into The Black) is another stand out track to me on the the Relentless soundtrack. I love the meaning behind it. It’s a tradgey that we live in a time that even our music icons die. Death is never easy to deal with whether it’s natural causes, cancer, suicide, etc. The pain from it hurts horribly. But the music will live on forever of what these late icons have made. Even if Gene Simmons himself told people that “Rock and Roll is dead” it’s not. His world of rock and roll is dead. But ours is a blooming Spud sprout on crack. All I can say is if you lost a loved one, a favorite icon, etc. My love and support is forever with you. My condolences are with you. This song is for you people who couldn’t make it. Our rock and roll candle light shines bright for you, always. 🕯

      The entire album was a hit. I would recommend anyone to get it where digitally and physically you can get the Relentless soundtrack to American Satan. Each of the musicians who either contributed to the recording of the soundtrack or to the films score deserves high praise. Those musicians are Johnathan Davis of Korn, Nicholas O’Toole a film composer, and Born Of Osiris guitarist Lee McKinney.

      As I conclude this part of the review. I am SO EXCITED to start the review for the next part. Let’s get started shall we….

      American Satan was written by Ash Alvidsen and Matty Beckkerman. It was produced, written, and directed by Alvidsen and for Sumerian Films. Alvidsen had help for the making of American Satan from the following people, Matty Beckerman, Andy Gould, Sean E. Demott, Aimee Schooff, Isen Robin, and Jeff Rice. Cinematography done by Andrew Strahorn.

      The film adaptation was created by Sumerian Films with help of partnership film companies such as Intrinsic Value Films, Jeff Rice Films, and Miramax films. With the main film adaptation under Sumerian Films which is adjacent to Sumerian Records which is owned and founded by the writer, director, and producer Ash Alvidsen.

      The American Satan cast is:

      • Johnny Faust- Andy Biersack
      • Remington Leith- BTS Johnny Faust’s Character singing vox
      • Leo Donovan – Benjamin Bruce
      • Vic Lakota- BooBoo Stewart
      • Lily Mayflower- Jesse Sullivan
      • Kat Faust(Johnny Faust’s mother)- Denise Richards
      • Dylan James- Sebastian Gregory
      • Gabriel- Bill Duke
      • Hawk- Bill Goldberg
      • Gretchen(Johnny Faust’s Girlfriend)- Olivia Culpo
      • Cassandra-Tori Black
      • Elias- Mark Boone Junior
      • Mr. Capricorn- Malcolm McDowell
      • Damien- Drake Bell
      • Ricky Rollins- John Bradley
      • Larry King-Larry King himself

            Side note- There was a huge on set call for real fans to show up to be casted in the film. The Asking Alexandria family, the Black Veil Brides army, etc showed up in stride to show there prescene for this film in rock and roll history. I am proud of the fans that were able to be casted. Way to show rock and roll history in that pretents.

            So now that the politics of the American Satan have been addressed let’s start my full assessment of this rock and roll masterpiece of a film.

            I will address these things in my assessment, the theatrics of Satan, sin, my personal accounts of addiction with drugs, how this film has a huge impact for the #MeToo campaign, etc.

            Let’s get the big topic out of the bag and discuss why I think this film should be used as a big educational tool as in terms for Satan and Illuminati. These things have been deeply discussed since the beginning of time. The Illuminati has been only discussed and discovered by deep web leaks or government undeclassified documents being unfolded by the secret service or CIA. With these images throughout the entire film. I believe that governmental and biblical education should be an option to society but it’s so feared nowadays due to all the chaos that is going on in the world today with bombings, genocides, religious sacrifices, etc. This film portrays a lot of this. But I as the reviewer am secular to the readers religious beliefs and opinions on religion. Whatever you believe in. You are entitled to it. I am going to respect it. It is what it is. The Earth should be ran that way but it’s fear that runs through people’s mines that causes mass hysteria.

            American Satan portrays the pinwheel of sin, sex/drugs/rock and roll which branches out into the seven deadly sins. With that heavily portrayed on each character in film. Everyone portrays each a trait of sin or multiple traits of sins. Like Gretchen and Johnny Faust’s mother Kat were the ones that had there minds set on right in the whole film but they portrayed greed. While the rest of the cast portrayed the entire buffet of sins. I will tackle more of this throughout the review.

            Like I said in the last paragraph the pinwheel of sin was portrayed in America Satan. One of those huge sins was drugs. Major drug use was used in the film. With the epidemic of opioid addiction (I sadly have a huge experience with it) on the rise. This topic needs to be addressed. I decided to fully express my experience with drugs abuse and use this film as an example of why I let people know first they are not alone. Second, never feel shitty about getting the help you need. Third, do it for you and you only to get sober.

            I got heavily into perscription narcotics, nsaids ( over the counter pain killers, like Tylenol and Ibuprofen), and opioids back in 2009. It all started in November of 2009. It all started with the migraine IV pain meds when I got admitted for the very first time for migraine. I remember the high I got from it. Even though my pain is legit. I wake up everyday in chronic pain every day. I blame the medical personnel in my town for getting me addicted. I strived to find that high. It was so fucking easy for me at the time to get narcotics due to my health condition. This film made me fucking cry hard cause I was in Lily, Johnny’s, Vic’s, Ricky’s, etc shoes. Especially during their rock bottom moments. During Johnny’s and Ricky’s overdose scenes were really fucking hard for me to deal with emotionally and mentally. Especially Johnny’s cause I was given a morphine overdose in the hospital by illegitimate staff. Now I am allergic to the narcotic cause I overdose cause I had to go do a migraine IV again cause my migraines are near or close to the pain that suicide (cluster migraines) migraineurs feel. It’s cause I leak cerebral spinal cord fluid in my ears and nose. I can’t patch the holes were they reside. The rare condition it’s called is spontaneous intracranial hypotension. Only 1 in 50 million births sees this.

            During my drug addiction. I heavily popped handfuls or cocktails of Ibuprofen Tylenol, Naproxen, hydrocodone, and whatever else I could get. I would go through three bottles of pain killers in week that had 90- 120 pills inside. The darkness these characters had to portray nails what the true victims of the epidemic are going through. As a person who continues to struggles with addiction. Loves how Elias tried to get Johnny and Lily help even though Lily refused it cause she wasn’t ready. Johnny took the opportunity and did it for himself for his characters mom Kat Faust. It’s a small world cause I hated a band called Black Veil Brides during my junkie years. I absolutely hated myself. I was just a big pos. During those three prominent years I hated BVB, myself, etc I spiralled down a life I never wanted to live. Eating painkillers like candy wasn’t the life I didn’t dream about. But my rock bottom came on January 27,2013. The day I became a believer In Black Veil Brides and the start of my new life. I was in the middle of committing suicide but ” In The End” came on then I reexamined everything. As one of my past reviews coins, I once hated BVB but now I am in love with BVB. If you can’t be them, join them( BVB army). I went to a life changing and intervention type of doctors appointment in Seattle, WA two months after I became a fan of BVB’s. March 22,2013 is the day I became clean of all pain killers and drugs. It’s stayed that way ever since. Even though I have had four major surgeries that really tested my waters of my anxiety and struggles with addiction. I got told by the doctor if I continued to eat pain killers like I was doing. My insides would be fried and I would be in kidney renal failure. Better yet, I would be mostly likely dead in two to three years tops. I am still affected by addiction. The medical conditions from it are horrible. It permanently flared my irritable bowel syndrome to even a worse stage. Ibuprofen eats the lining of the stomach if you prolong the use.

            What sucks is that I was trying to seek pain relief in drug use. Just like what the characters were doing in American Satan. Whether it be turning to drugs or alcohol. The characters had to turn to a crutch to get them by. I am happy that I no longer have one. Even though I have my daily perscribed migraine meds and other meds. I don’t really rely on a pain killer anymore. All I remember doing was eating pain killers and sleeping. That’s all I did. But for funny features. The CNN interview with Lily and Vic about the bullying situations going on. Vic telling the newscaster when Vic was on psychedelics that he wanted to “Go lay down” the newscaster responded with a snarky response with ” I would like to go lie down myself.” Even though drugs are terrible. That scene was funny as hell, even though drugs are no laughing matter at time we are in but still dark humor. But on a serious note I would like to say, here is to almost being 5 years clean in March. If you are struggling. Keep fighting on and hang in there. You will get through it.

            The coverage of how people like myself are supported by this film being either a victim of sexual assualt or rape. As you read anywhere on the headlines anymore the sexual assualt or rape accusations towards people in bands, Hollywood icons, etc. American Satan touches on the reality of control. Why woman in a male dominated scene or feild often times get victimized. But men do get victimized to. It goes for the lbgtq community as well. But in the music scene. Woman get treated unfairly still to this day. But I believe that woman are fighting back nowadays. With woman rock icons and rockstars paving the way for younger transpersons or female demographic to become there own rockstar and for their own individuality.

            The scene were Lily tells Johnny were she was raped by Damien cause she executed his band under her own recognition. But he had to go and be douchebag and ruin her life by raping her. Damien was going to be a sacrifice kill to The Relentless for their ritual for Mr. Capricorn. Johnny Faust was going to save his life. But however, karma got to Damien and he ultimately killed himself via electric fence. Karma is a bitch.

            I was sexually assualted on a feild trip on the way to go scout out careers to a local college. I got gaslighted and accused of faking it. I have to say silent just like Lily has to stay silent about her rape by her ex Damien in order to play clubs. As a victim I think it’s utterly bullshit. It’s sad that one of the reasons Lily has to use(herione) is in order to get rid of the pain from her ex aka Damien and what he did to her. I fully understand Lily’s pure angst and rebellion in the film. Jesse Sullivan played Lily’s character very very well. I really connected with that scene and the intervention scene with Elias and Johnny. But nowadays it’s the sad truth of what is going on today with the drug epidemic, sexual assualt and rape accusations, etc. I am just happy that this film touched on these heavy hitting topics even before the film was released.

            This film has a lot of informative matter or educational purposes of how a band gets it’s start. The politics of being in the industry. The pros and cons of being musicians. The life styles one chooses as there rockstar life. But the big thing is that it shows the humanity, trials, and tribulations musicians go through. It only makes them stronger people in the end. No matter how how much they change throughout their career.

            The death of Ricky hit me hard. Especially Leo’s discovery of him dead(Ben Bruce’s performance killed me, hard). Loosing a friend, loved ones, and even a pet is a tragic time. I would like to pay my dues. I would like to send my condolences and wishes to Ricky’s character and the cast characters. Just cause it’s only right to. The funeral scene hit me hard cause that would have been me if I wouldn’t have gotten sober. The reality of the drug epidemic is scary. I don’t take it lightly. But that scene was very eye opening and heartbreaking.

            I really hope that this film is used for educational matters in high school and college for music based purposes. It’s a film that I believe that should have been created 20-30 years ago but it got created today by phonomenal creators. With the CGI affects greatly done on the one scene of the human sacrifice of Damien(,I am still highly impressed with the editor work and effects done on that particular one), multiple scenes of the Relentless telling the truth and process of how a band is ran in the film, the wisdom of Gabriel, the conspiracy theories of Mr. Capricorn, Johnny’s stint in the slammer, the overdose of Johnny Faust but was recanted by Gabriel, and the list goes on what educational matters music teachers can teach there class about the politics of having a band nowadays.

            Even though the film features pornography material not suitable for suitable for younger audiences. I do believe that some of the material in the film can be seen be the younger audience on the grounds for educational matters to be expressed with a teacher or a parental figure/guardian. Like Lily said “There needs to be less guns and more sex. Less wars and more love. More fucking sex” Even though the the younger audience don’t need to be apart of the sex thing yet. Nor the drugs. Just more education and positivity in the lives of the youth of today. That’s were Gabriel comes in handy.

            I will concluded this sloth review for Chronic Potato Queen Writer for American Satan on a high note. This film has a huge impact on the music scene. If you are fan of such films like “Dazed and Confused”, “School of Rock”, “Airheads”, “Rockstar” ,”La Bamba”, “If I Stay”, etc among dozens of rock and metal documentaries. American Satan is for you. It’s for every rock and roll fan out there. It’s a staple film for rock and roll history. Even though the ending threw me off for a loophole. I am excited to see what the TV series is going to be like. But there is one thing I am going to rant and be sad about for a very long time. It’s the fact that the Relentless will never be a real life band. Who knew a fictional band could be so badass. I am forever a fan. Fictional or not. Long live American Satan and The Relentless.

            Written by: Mariah Hanna @PotatoBVBQueen 1/20/2018

            *See About on sharing my articles and reviews

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            P.S. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to read my review. It really means a lot. Like Elias said let’s all “Shove it right up the ass of bigots so they will be shitting out pentagrams.” I intend to do that. Even though my dream as a rockstar faded when I found out I have a permanent debilitating disease that caused me to be disabled. I was gifted a new rockstar dream. You are reading it. The power of the review. The sloth kind.

            I didn’t want to over analyze the film for those of you who haven’t seen it yet or waiting for your order to come in. I am very happy to not spoil the entire film for you.

            “Black Veil Brides: Black Veil Brides” Album Review for #BVB4

            I was going to do this review much much sooner but due to extreme medical circumstance with me I had to put the BVB4 album review on hold and take care of my health. I am still not 100 percent alright. In October I had to get an exploratory surgery to see what was wrong with me and why I was in extreme amounts of pain. Well two other major surgeries later I am here and happy that I don’t have anymore possible surgeries in the future. I had a lot of things medically wrong with me my appendix and gallbladder died so they had to be removed along with a hernia that one of my ovaries was eating my small intestine known as inguinal hernia. I also had large cyst the size of a tennis ball removed from my body among other things I am kept to myself. This album came around a time that I needed to hear something encouraging and helpful. It’s crazy how music helps people in that way. I am still healing and recovering. Taking it day by day. But the storm is gone now(At least I think D: ). I am just brisking in the silent rain now. I urge all my followers a life of great health and their is only one of YOU so take care of you before it’s too late. Anyways, there you have a small update as to why I went silent again and no articles to show forth. Enjoy reading this review it took me 3 plus months to do old-fashioned(cause BVB4 was made old-fashioned with analog so I cleverly decided to review it old-fashioned with pen and paper. When finished put review in new aged final draft in the end like BVB4 was put in modernized CD’s ;’) ). Best of wishes.


            Love, Mariah L. Hanna

            P.S. By the time I publish this I will probably hear something new in BVB4 so I am going to update this as time moves on but will give it sometime to be out there for you all. ❤


            Black Veil Brides recorded an album with know producer Bob Rock who has worked with known bands such as Motley Crue, The Cult,Metallica and other widely known musicians with widely successful albums spinning out of Bob Rocks career as a producer. Bob’s new embark with the five goof balls we know today as CC, Jake, Jinxx, “former” and Andy with BVB’s new album that was released October 27th, 2014 a day ahead of there October 28th, 2014 release, known as BVB4 was Bob Rocks destiny to work with these five guys vice versa. Bob Rock stated that BVB made him “Breath fresh air” sort of speak into the metal/rock world he worked with for so many years. I SEEN the downfall of why he said this. I will explain in the next few paragraph’s as to what he meant as “A chore” in BVB’s in the studio updates BVB did for us fans on their YouTube page.

            Bob Rock produced Metallica’s “Saint Anger”. Metallica also did a documentary for that album that I watched on Vh1 Classic. I seen a producer who was at his wit’s end and getting burned out but still poured his heart into his craft of making a solid record of Metallica’s best growth efforts at the time. At the time the band was going through a terrible time. Needing a new bass player. Plus filming for “Saint Anger” stopped midst into the recording of the album cause James Hetfield check himself into a rehab center for his drinking problems(I applaud James for kicking his inner demons to the curb. I had him in my thoughts and prayers at the time I saw this doc). I seen how stressed and concerned Bob Rock was. I never seen him as bad guy. Just a guy that is human and was in a shitty circumstance at the time. People labeled him this such and such. As many people do(when there jealous of other people’s success and shit). So I think this why Bob Rock get so much shit is because this documentary among other things showing the true colors of recording an album. It ain’t rainbows and sunshine. Its grind to the nose and pain staking hours and hours of work. Bands have there glory albums and their shit happens albums. Life happens. Not much we can do about it.

            When I seen a more calmer and even more jubilant Bob Rock in the studio updates with Black Veil Brides. I seen a more relaxed and happier Bob Rock I have ever seen since “Saint Anger”. Bob Rock was more enjoyable. I could tell he wanted to do more and be involved without being involved(Orchestrator everyone talks about and I seen that with the Metallica documentary). Bob has worked not just with Metallica but with outstanding musicians such as Michael Buble. Plus his rock roster includes Bon Jovi, Loverboy, Motley Crue, The Cult, etc.

            These acts have powerhouse anthemic rock songs that have been classical favorites for decades. Songs that have the electrical power to light up a stadium or two. In the 80’s these bands were in their prime and the lust for rock and roll was lost in the 90’s with the grunge movement. In the 2000’s the rebirth of rock and roll is strong with power and emotion through guitars on fire that will set a room full of amps to the stratosphere. Bands in the 80’s are still relevant to this day. Still doing tours and doing albums. Some have retired or gone to heaven. But in today’s rock and roll rebirth. Black Veil Brides hold on to a key to be a fore father of the new aged rock and roll. Rock and roll that helps the amass of fans through out with positive messages through song and lyric. With the emotion and in your face guitar, bass, and drum beat tones is something I look forward to seeing in the future. Among Black Veil Brides bands like Asking Alexandria, Set It Off, Avenged Sevenfold, Atreyu, Hatebreed, Farewell, My Love, We Are Harlot, and shit loads of bands inserted here with a positive rock and roll mindset  have the chops to bring this dead culture back from where it left of in 1990. Slowly but surely we all will get to see this happen. I am so proud of the bands today though. Their hard work WILL pay off soon. I feel it.

            Now let’s get to talking about “Black Veil Brides: Black Veil Brides” or #BVB4. People may have their bad opinions on this album or bad reviews. I even read that some of our own in the BVB army didn’t like the new record. That is fine to have your dislikes but what I found was rude and not cool. Are people not taking the time like I did to digest the album. I am in love with this album for personal reasons. But keep in mind this record is a “Growth” album. They were mending all their each others friendships and getting off of a tour cycle for a record that made them drift as friends a bit away from each other. With BVB4 they collectively grew closer and mended their broken business and personal friendships with each other. People often forget that the members in their favorite band have friendships with each other. If those friendships aren’t health and well-kept then the band falls apart which ends in the demise of the band altogether sadly. It’s rare for people like all four of the great guys in BVB to really talk to each other and amend through song and lyric their band and what it stands for. Have your opinion. But don’t make it so that it becomes an asshole one. Criticism is alright as long as you don’t bully. Bands need this healthy bond with each other or the band suffers or dies.

            This album is a uniquely made attribute given the fact a young band like BVB scored a recording gig with an excellent producer such as Bob Rock. I was listening to Jamey Jasta’s in Hatebreed’s podcast he does. He interviewed Jake and Jinxx about how it was producing with Bob Rock, etc. Jamey asked me as a BVB army member and a fan “If I gave a fuck about Black Veil Brides recording with Bob Rock?” that is FUCK YES. I was stoked and thrilled when I first heard the news that Bob was recording with the BVB guys. The BVB guys earned their good karma and that is landing a recording gig with Bob. Bob I seen the “In The Studio Updates with BVB/Bob Rock” the way he taught the guys and was down to earth. It’s a once in a lifetime chance for them that benefited them with probably even more chances to record with Bob Rock in the future. The commodore and sense of guidance he lead each of them was very brilliant and I hear it all in BVB4. The key sounds and how this unique album was created. So individually and as a whole this opportunity for them sky rocketed BVB even more to rule the world one day at a time. So yes to answer your question again Jamey. Yes I do give a fuck because what does a genuine fan want more than their favorite band to succeed in life and their dreams whilst helping the person fulfill theirs(your reading it).

            So let’s get started shall we. From the track list they come by in order on the album. I will review each song by my thoughts, feelings, and knowledge:

            “Heart of Fire”:

            This song is very interpersonal to me. It has the layers of anger, anguish, and pain written in its lyrics. I have taken to and let this song grasp to me for a few months. Each listen makes me more stoked to listen to it more. It has that ass kicker vibe to it while pushing a great message through the lyrics. Andy’s writing to me is very personal on a level I can’t describe cause. This song basically was written during the months I was following BVB on their trek to making their self titled debut. Biersack may have not had the notions or even the thought process of what type of song he was created with Jake, CC, Jinxx, and “Former”. This song basically is an ode to the past hater I was and celebration of that I am no longer that person. Through apologizing to them through meet and greet on November 8th, 2014 was only setting this to be a beautiful coincidence. For me at least. “ Build your walls but you can’t keep me out, I’ ll burn them down” This lyric line basically had me at goosebumps cause BVB in spirit came to my house and burned down all the hater walls I had against them. I not knowing their evil glorious deed was vulnerable to a converting. Which by magic and the fate on January 27th, 2013 it did. I couldn’t be any happier than I am today. This song gets nostalgic potato grade A+ in my book and is my mother, Amber’s personal favorite(collected outside data of people’s fave’s of the album). It has everything. The kick ass metal tones, guitar riffs, bass, and drums. With the piercing vocals from Andy. “I’ll stand up to the pain” no pun intended on that one. Basically this song is telling fans “Don’t let the fire that burns inside you fade away” NEVER.


            This song has that ole “From Whom The Bell Tolls” by Metallica meets the Misfits and Motley Crue vibe. The bells in the intro of the song was very nostalgic to me being a fan of Metallica’s from the womb till today. Jake, Jinxx, Andy, CC, and “Former” really showed their chops on this song. Each individual cord and beat is very raw and in the face with emotion. I am very pleased with this song. Some people might be biased on this song due to the credentials that “BVB AREN’T METAL” and “BVB aren’t metal insert derogatory term against them here” For factual purposes. BVB never claimed to be metal or anything. Just a mere rock and roll band wanting a good fucking time which they deserve so much. There is a lyric Andy wrote against these people and ignorant people in general that is “Cross your heart, open your mind” and “Behold the new hate”. Hate in general has an immature face. Its biased and cruel. If people took the amount of time researching about the thing they hate or just ignore it than we would have a semi peaceful planet. But that will never happened cause people have their own brains and they function them however they please. Forcing opinions down people’s throats don’t help either. The other outwardly lyrics that popped out at me are “I’ll never say a prayer I don’t believe” and “Hide your face in their disguise” Basically shoving beliefs and religion into people’s minds is stupid and blatantly uncool thing to do. Plus hiding behind false identities and hiding behind social media being a “Keyboard Warrior” is not okay either. I am complete secular person when it comes to pushing beliefs to someone else. I rather give someone options versus the cruel “Check this out. Oh by the way if you don’t check this out you will die in 24 hours” that shit makes me incredibly mad. So I get what Andy is trying to teach us through lyric in the song. That is don’t let some stupid person get in the way of your beliefs and dreams(reminds me of infamous Andy versus Asshole video on YouTube, (will provide link here: ) Just for the inspiration of it and mere amusement of me yelling at my computer “Go Andy Go”), So overall the song is a killer metal vibe rock and roll mosh potato A +.

            “Devil In The Mirror”:

            This shin digger had me either very emotional or head banging my head off. This one is very personal or me. The lyrics Andy wrote for this hauntingly accurate to anyone who is battling inner demons. I battled inner demons all my life. Looking in the mirror was one of them. I always cared for myself poorly when I was a teenager cause I was extremely bullied and depressed. I was just empty. Lost for hope. When I heard this song. I let go all the demons that haunted me as child and as teenager. Just let myself live. I realized I am who I am. I can’t be changed. All through my teens and as a child I chanted “I can’t take it anymore” which is lyric from the song. I have in my adulthood chanted that also. Until the day I discovered BVB and my empty feeling turned into pure love and hope for everything. We all come from the same back ground but with different stories and family lives. The other lyrical standpoints in the song that grabbed at me are “ I am just a human, I am ready to die”, “I will never let you win”, “Never look forward, Just straight down a gun”. These lyrics grab at me very personally. The first mentioned one  “I am just a human, I am ready to die” hits me to the core cause of the medical bullshit I go through each and everyday. Everyday is struggle to get by but I keep a positive face and outlook on life. Being negative in life won’t get anyone nowhere. So basically its very cleansing and refreshing to hear such a cathartic lyric piece through a song. Plus “I will never let you win” intertwines with my outlook on life and my beliefs. I never let my medical issues win the fight over my positive attitude. I am very lucky to be born with such unique abilities to help others through my inner demons to fight theirs too(my goal is to get my social work degree while I do journalism as a hobby/full me project). My sweetheart attitude in life was very nature and nurtured. So to sum this song that receives an A+ potato in my book its one to listen to when you’re at your own wits end with daily life bullshit and among other things. It’s a song to head bang the hell out too while cathartically getting your problems out in positive light. Cause that is the message of Black Veil Brides. To ensure positive and health self-worth among their fan base. Andy’s vocal tone to this song has that punk and hard rock vibes to it. It’s a song that one can go honky tonking in the car and feel like they are in motion picture film.

            “Goodbye Agony”:

            This song hits me VERY VERY personally. This song gives many many Easter eggs in the lyrics and in the official music video itself. The song has so many layers and keynotes to it. It touches base with songs BVB has done in the past such as “Knives and Pens”, “Coffin”, and the whole catalog behind the story of “Legion Of The Black” in the movie. The song has several meanings uniquely to the listener. I being a convert to BVBism. It is a song that I rehabilitated my heart on and finally put to rest the past I had being a disbeliever in BVB’s message and what they portray in their lyrics of a positive limelight to their fans via self-worth, etc. When I apologized to BVB on November 8th, 2014 being the first one to do so and not the last. I did it with the notion to leave the shit behind me(which it did) and start something beautiful with five guys who mean the world to me now. I did it because I was born and raised to apologized for my wrong doings. With that allowed me to say this after I met the four amazing and sweet heart guys in Black Veil Brides. I said to myself “I had my own personal “Goodbye Agony” moment” It was such a bittersweet moment to share among myself and the four lovely guys in BVB. They deserved it so much. They more than deserved it actually. The memory of this is everlasting. So glad I did it cause I am extremely happy now than I was years ago.

            The song also hits on the layers of BVB’s career. The metamorphization of Andy Six or Sixx to Andy Biersack(His real name if your new to BVB).The song also hits on the timeline of little kid(David Basik) in the “Knives and Pens” video to his grown up character to Eve Black(Alicia Vigil) character. It tells the story of how far they came.  The members of BVB maturing and coming into their own character in the band. From BVB’s heavily make up era to what I call their “KISS no face paint era” to the resurrection of some of their elements of the make-up coming back. I am proud to have gotten to know the band at the end of their heavily make up era to their glam non-make up era(I grew up on glam metal such a small ass world on that one, BVB stole my heart at “In The End”(Sounds like a Kay or Zales commercial) but yes I grew up on the mentioned above bands from the 80’s, etc). “Goodbye Agony” Andy stated in an Interview with Backstage Axxcess that the song was a huge love letter to the BVB army. It’s very emotional song musical wise with every cord and beat tone cathartically transposition of breath-taking hooks, magical vocals, tones, and melodies mixed together to create an ode ballad. This song gets a Kleenex box filled with tater tots with a rating of A+. The past will always be their but the future will and present will be their. This song is also a favorite of my mothers and recently my uncle Mark’s. The song is an ultimate bittersweet ode song to whatever the person and however the person interprets it in their own mind. It’s beautiful timeless song that I am sure one day I will see in the classic mix’s. Song reminds me November Rain/Guns and Roses and Nothing Else Matters/Metallica.

            “World of Sacrifice”:

            This song reminds me of the song by a band that I would watch their music sometimes before I headed of to the dreaded high school. The song is called “Sister Christian” by Night Ranger. Just the same tone lyric wise. But Night Ranger tackled on sinful young women who was raised in very religious home but “World of Sacrifice” tackles the deeper level of how people basically give up their dreams and aspirations in order to fulfill their family traditions and religious aspects. All the lyrics need to this song need to be accounted for as well as the musical attributes(again damn Jake, CC, and Jinxx your growth as musicians along with Andy’s vocals has improved with this album). This tackles a person living on the edge and lost. It also affects the youth more than the adults. Why? Youth are more vulnerable to believing in things such as religion and beliefs. Being pushed into a grey mold and not get to express yourself is very horrible and not cool life to live. Many parents of today push their kids into things they don’t want to do such as extracurricular activities or sports. It’s very sad that youth don’t get to express themselves cause of parents, religion, etc. Same goes with adults. They work a job they hate and have to survive. don’t get to express their dreams cause they have died cause of strict belief systems, etc. So this song tackles the respect of. Go out their. Go against the grain and fulfill your dreams even if it is against everything you were taught in life. Long live your dreams. Never give in. This song gets my golden star potato of A+.

            “Last Rites”:

            This song reminds me of the song by Starship called “We Built This City”. It has that 80’s powerhouse shit kicker vibe to it. So when the first chord to the intro comes on its like “Heart Of Fire”, “Faithless”, and “Devil In The Mirror”. I have that rock and roll head banger vibe that gets you pumped for the day. Its one to blast in your car when you go for a joyride or a ride out in the city(me honky-tonk town, USA). The musical tones and beats are very odish to all the 80’s era of punk, metal, and rock. Andy’s(plus his vocal tones throughout the song) lyrics to this song were very Ace!. Basically giving a another anthem to all of us whom are “Outcasts” ,”The Misfits”, and “Whatever the hell people called us while judging us”. “Last Rites in a lost city, I can’t fight for a life I’ve never know, Dark lights giving no pity, Last Rites for a place I call my home” Whatever you call your home. At a concert. In your art studio. Whatever you call YOUR home. Never forget what makes you, YOU. You fought for your dreams. Never let them slip through the cracks. During your dark times and great times. Always remember humbly what go YOU their. YOU are your own star. NEVER give in on your dreams. This song basically admits to the closure that YOU have “Rites”. If they are your “Last Rites” make god damn sure you prove to people who YOU are and leave a lasting mark impression on them(oh and block those buttheads who don’t approve of your dreams and talents). This song gets the potato Ace! of A+. This song is also my moms personal favorite.

            “Stolen Omen”:

            This song has an indirect about hate song written all over it toward anything it can be interpreted to. I had a crazy thought two months ago about this song. It reminded me if Slayer had a baby with glam metal. Laughing so hard right now. Being’s though Slayer is thrash metal band that spanned out of the 80’s with likes with Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, etc. This song has the thrash, power, and death metal drum tones the CC portrays so well in this song. The guitar cords and how Jake and Jinxx created monster guitar riffs tones are insane with Andy’s epic growls and vocal cordings massed a song so powerful it can start a moshed pit. I hope they break this song out at Download or somewhere with a larger audience cause it has the velocity and electricity of Anthrax “Caught in A Mosh”. The lyrics that hit me personally are “I sing for the hope that is broken, They live for a Stolen Omen” and “I see this, I know pain, lets see you try” “Punk” “YES” You tell them Andy. You tell them your words of wisdom. You tell them how you want BVB to just have a fair chance in the world without the asshole hate among other shit that goes on in the world cause I agree. This shit kicker is filled of pure inspirational wisdom from Andy. The musical cords and beats from “Former”, CC, Jinxx, and Jake is fucking amazing. I put this song on repeat the first time I heard it. I remember I had a moment of “What the fuck did I just listen to” It was so awesome. It gets my too much metal for both potatoes A+.

            “Walk Away”:

            This song is another ballad song off of “Black Veil Brides: Black Veil Brides” or commonly known as BVB4. This song is a killer song. It’s a song that can inspire a human being in part of their life good or bad. “Walk Away” is a power ballad that has the chops to be like “Goodbye Agony” it has the Guns N Roses/Poison/Etc vibe to it while Jinxx shows his virtuoso musical abilities with the violin and Jake/Ashley show emotion through cords throughout the song. CC’s slow drum beats to the song is magical and very majestic sounding with the piano intertwined into the beautiful layered song. To top it all off Andy’s vocal tones and lyrics to the song makes this song very bittersweet. This song hits me very very personal. I am have gone through a lot of medical bullshit lately and the first time I heard “Walk Away” I plain out cried after listening to it for the first time. This song has very powerful message of in my eyes “Walking away from the pain” and I know I will always have the BVB army their to talk to me if I am down and need to vent. I let others do the same cause I am their for all the BVB army. This song gets my loyal potato award of A+. Because BVB helps so many lives and has the message of self-worth and self empowerment. We are the ones that saved OUR own lives but do give a sliver of credit to the band that helped you through something unbearable. NEVER GIVE IN. NEVER.

            “Drag Me To The Grave”:

            This song hit me hard when I listened to the lyrics deeply. I myself have dealt with suicide before within myself and within my family, friends, and community. I converted into a huge BVB fan when I heard “In The End”. The day I converted I was going to end my life sort of speak. It is myself whom I saved my own life. Again the band gets a small sliver of credit of helping you through something so shitty. I will always give BVB each a small bag of potatoes for helping me through something I got through myself cause I am strong “I am fighter”. It’s sad that cowardly people push people to do something so horrible to themselves. Mine was a deeper issue with depression and severe 24/7 365 pain I am still in today. My life is worth living despite being in severe amounts of pain due to all 14 of my medical conditions. I have something to live for and that is to help people. My legacy is to help people like BVB does to their fan base among other bands that do their shit right and bring a positive outlook for their fan base. Suicide IS NEVER okay. Some people lose the fight but it doesn’t make them a bad person(some religions believe in if you commit the act of suicide you got to hell, I don’t believe in this. But it’s whatever. Let live). So please I can’t spread awareness quick enough. Suicide prevention is year around thing for myself. I took a three class on suicide while I was in college. I know how to prevent suicide to a degree but I send people the proper links, hotlines, etc to get proper help cause mental health is so needed nowadays along with all around body health. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. YOU can get through it know matter how hard and shitty the situation is. Life isn’t easy but it is what you make it. Make it a good one. Make your dreams happen. Fight for them. NEVER give in. If you can’t the US hotline to suicide prevention line is: 1(800)-273-8255. The International hotline directory for suicide prevention is here: ( Additional US Suicide Prevention information here: (

            This song had amazing backing vocals and Andy’s vocals and lyrics were very powerful. Andy has a knack of spreading positive light through a shitty topic. He tackled the subject very kindly and very inspirational. The music upbeats from Jake’s guitar feeding off of Jinxx’s guitar with CC’s (ONE FOR FUN) drum beats. This song makes one want to dance whilst giving a positive message of “BVB believes in you so dance for “One for fun”, Rise up and celebrate your life”. The lyric that made me cry the most was “Heroes blessed by the fire” cause it struck me deeply that I actually saved 24 people from killing themselves. It’s basically an homage to when indians celebrated their elder and they would have a huge bond fire. In that fire they celebrated their heroes. I live in a very very historical Indian reservation where their culture is celebrated here among other cultures so It’s a fun way to honor such a lyric. Many cultures celebrate their heroes through bond fires. Its awesome. So I give this my “I believe in YOU!” potato seal of an award of A+.

            The suicide sign. Held by Biersack The suicide sign. Held by Andy Biersack
            “I believe in you” Photo credit: carlitos_n

            “The Shattered God”: *(This song can be uni-sexed in interpret into however you please)

            This song deals with greed, alcohol and drug abuse, suicide(see “Drag Me To The Grave” for explanation), and crime. They lyrics deeply describe how one can destroy themselves and slowly kill every relationship and friendship the person has ever made. Drugs and alcohol can do major damage to ones personal and business life. I have experienced this among family and friends. It’s sad how people can change. It’s a sad life really. I dealt with addiction myself but its the person whom wants to need to seek the help. A life of crime and addiction gets people no where in life. Life is what YOU make it. If someone choose to do drugs, abuse alcohol, etc that is their fancy. But know YOU are hurting the best person you have in your life and that is YOU. The songs intro is as real as it gets.

            “Failure and apathy descend
            Success just hasn’t been your friend
            You live a lie high as the sky
            This taste like iron blood and greed
            Tell us of what you’ll never be
            I won’t ask why, just let it die”

            Let alone this one too : “Your eyes are empty like your bed” Andy you hit right where it hurts don’t you with that old-fashioned response to your “haters” joke that BVB gets ALL the girls. No pun intended their Andy. You made a timeless classic with CC, Jinxx, Jake, and Ashley with this one. Many people go through things but good karma and bad karma weighs itself out in everyone’s life here on the planet. The song reminded me of the Motley Crue “Shout At The Devil” and Skid Row’s “Youth Gone Wild” meets a new level of its own. The song is just filled with riffs and cords galore. I can tell Jake had fun one with this one getting to shred some on this album in all the song but this song you can really hear it and feel it. Feeds off with Jinxx’s shredding too. CC’s power drumming. Plus to top it off with an angry tones to his vocals with Andy singing its sure a head banger classic. To give the chives, sour cream, bacon bits, avocado, or cheese to this great song Jake unique shredding solo at the end of the song which I gave it a name. Its called “The Slot Machine riff Solo” by yours truly Jake Pitts. I give this song a loaded baked potato award of A+.

            “Crown of Thorns”:

            This song is an ode to all the 7 and impending years BVB has been a band together. All the lyrics to “Crown of Thorns” hits me hard cause all of them are preaching that even if in thick and thin. We all will be their for each other. YOU all have in the BVB army through supporting them in so many things such as voting, defending the band, through your artwork, etc YOU as a the member of the BVB army show forth. BVB has shown forth their thanks to you through song and special cool things such as merchandise and a film “Legion Of The Black”. It’s all done for you. ” It’s a song for new and old BVB army alike. WE ALL MATTER NO MATTER WHAT ERA YOU JOINED AS A FAN TO BE IN THE BLACK VEIL BRIDES ARMY. No one is higher than anyone else. Were all equal. We all need to love and support each other like Black Veil Brides self-worth and anti-bullying message is. We are one, For we are MANY.

            The song references to songs of BVB’s such as “Saviour”, “Ritual”. “Lost It All”, “Done For You”, “Devils Choir”, and “Nobody’s Hero”. The song also has classical Metallica influence to the guitar solo. Its a reference to Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters” and “The Unforgiven”. Jinxx, Jake, CC, “Former”, and Andy did a great job on this song pouring their hearts out to us fans. It’s very cool and awesome experience music from such amazing, nose to the grind stone, hardworking, talented musician such as them. They each give something unique through BVB to give to their fans. It’s truly great to see such talent on Earth. I will never take for grant these five great guys. To know they went through the thick and thin. Came through for us all is inspirational in itself. This song gets my honorary five potato inspirational potato award of A+.

            *”Sons of Night”:

            I wasn’t able to review this song cause I don’t have the song legally. Waiting to purchase it. Will post a single review when I get it whenever it becomes available to purchase.

            I will explain why I gave BVB the “Potatotastic shit kicker Golden Goddess potato award” and solid A+’s. It’s because all five of them worked their asses off on this album not only materialistic level but on personal level too. While they were creating BVB4. They patched up their inner business relationships and their friendships just as buddies in general outside of BVB. They truly deserve a great award for BVB4. BVB are extremely caring and sweethearts when It comes to their fans. When it comes to making music for us they literally do give us their all. It’s very amazing how I grew with this band in the two years I have known them and can call them my inspirations. BVB truly deserve so much in their careers them as a whole and individually. So I am not trying to be biased cause I am BVB fan really. It’s just the fact that they grew SO MUCH with this album and its respect isn’t heard. All of them deserve all the positive feedback they get from this album I am hoping someday will become a timeless classic with all the rock and roll legends such as Alice Cooper, Motley Crue, KISS, Metallica, The Misfits, Pantera, etc.

            So all in all. BVB is one band that deserves a lot but is only handed so few opportunities in their career and lifespan with BVB. So support them. Buy not download for free. Supporting an artist is so fun though cause you get music that lasts for a lifetime in your soul that relates to you the listener in your own unique way. Each song of BVB’s off of their each individual album hits me personally in its own way. I love that about music on how it has the power to tell a story without it having too. Music never fails me how much it inspires me and makes me feel alive. Never will take for grant the experiences I have had with BVB with the two concerts I have been to and meeting them on Nov 8th, 2014. What I said to BVB is something I will NEVER forget. They each deserved it. They all mean the world to me and I will never take it for grant. So thankful and grateful to have so many best friends through BVB in the BVB army. YOU all are amazing. NEVER give in. NEVER back down. NEVER. Always remember in our times of pain and sorrow. YOU can rise from the ashes and conquer the world. Don’t give up on dreams like BVB did cause “WE ALL WILL RULE THE WORLD ONE DAY AT A TIME!”

            -Written by: Mariah L. Hanna 2/18/2015 @PotatoBVBQueen *See my “About” page for sharing info and inquires.