Black Veil Brides: We Scream. We Shout. We Are The Fallen Angels.

Good morning or night BVB army the following is meant for you:

Take Joy in who you are…. We know are wings are flawed…. are the words imprinted in “Fallen Angles” a song in one of its own by Black Veil Brides.  With those powerhouse lyrics. Fans around the world have connected with Black Veil Brides deeply. In my freelance article I will go on to further explain how fans show Black Veil Brides their love through music covers, artwork, and writings. 

Black Veil Brides has helped thousands of fans that I have previously mentioned in my article and review piece. They have helped those thousands of fans through meet and greets, music, online support when they can, and being their in spiritual. I have had the opportunity and honor to talk to a hundred of these amazing souled people through social media who have been inspired and changed forever by Black Veil Brides themselves and through their powerhouse music.

Black Veil Brides has helped save many lives as well as mine( January 27th). They have helped people with major depression, cutting and or self harm, suicide attempts, and other daily major life struggles people may face. Andy Biersack’s main mission for Black Veil Brides was to make a sense of community/family for “The Outcasts” the people who are going though the listed above issues/more and the daily dredge’s of daily life. To help guide them to follow their dreams and that we ARE worth it “At the end of the day.” no matter what. Each member of BVB has each individual inspirational quotes for their fans. It is rare to have a full band have a mass of inspiration and wanting their fans to succeed as well. It warms my heart everyday knowing that I have a sense of a “Home” in the BVB army cause of the love and support each individual band member gives. In my eyes, I have found my second family. 

I have noticed with in the BVB army/family the passed 6 plus months I have been in the fanbase is that we love and support each other in a time of need. I have gotten so much support and love within the passed 6 plus months when my sickness has gotten me down or I just feel down. This fanbase is the dream team of fanbases. Even though we have our faults at times. We really pull through and outshine when it comes to supporting BVB related events and voting for awards. 

I have seen numerous Youtube videos of kids doing phenomenal vocal, guitar, bass, and drum covers of Black Veil Brides songs. All of you are truly insanely talented. If you are one of those people who has done a cover and is reading this. Remember not to give up and keep going. Even if someone tells you what your doing is wrong. This even goes to you all who do paintings and drawings of BVB and writings/literature inspired by BVB. “Never Give In, Never Back Down.” YOU all are talented. Each and everyone of you. I was told all my life that I was never going amount to anything but I am going to prove people wrong by following my wildest dream of becoming a rock and roll journalist/interviewer. I plan on going back to school next year. So my fingers are crossed on that. 

What has Black Veil Brides done deeply to connect with their fans? Just about anything you can imagine. The stories fans have told via the internet about their meetings with BVB touches my heart. How extremely nice BVB is to their fans is one for the books. I would say this like winning the lottery in winning a great band that understands us all and an army that backs and loves each other in the time of need. 

Black Veil Brides will always and forever be one of those great bands of our generation that will carry on a “Legacy” of showing compassion, gratitude, hard work, determination, and any other amazing word you can call these four distinguished young men: Andy, Jinxx, Jake, CC, and “Former”.  I hope Andy’s dream of Black Veil Brides “Becoming the worlds biggest band” happens. 

In my eyes, Black Veil Brides will always have a special place in my heart. They mean the world to me. I don’t know what I would do without them. They deserve everything in the world. They deserve recognition and standing ovations at award shows not “Hate”. I don’t get why they receive so much hate. I just don’t. They deserve so much love and respect for all they do for people around the world. I feel sorry for people who hate them. They are missing out on something special. That is for sure. 

I hope one day Black Veil Brides does rule the world and puts the magical “Fuck You, Motherfucker.” in a positive fashion for all their lovely BVB army. I love the fact that this band accepts us for who we all are. Whether it be sexual orientation, weirdness, the way we dress, the way we look, and etc. I love it how we in the BVB army do the same for all the members of BVB and their crew. 

Black Veil Brides has not only saved my life from me almost committing suicide on January 27th. They have also helped me realized my life career and my person. If it weren’t for them. I don’t know where the heck I would be right now. Be lost. Really lost. 

I love it when I watch Youtube live videos of Black Veil Brides shows and how they all connect with their fans on stage. Its an experience that I will get to experience on October 3rd in Spokane, WA. My first ever BVB show. I am so internally/externally excited about it that I can throw a billion gagilion VICTORY POTATOES parties. 

In all and all, Black Veil Brides is one of those rare bands on this earth that everyone should cherish and love instead of hating upon. They care so much about their fans that is shows through their music. They even wrote “Saviour” for all of us on their sophomore album “Set The World On Fire” if that doesn’t show love and dedication for their fans then I declare the person who doesn’t see it as “Blind”. Their music saves lives everyday like people eat their potatoes. I only hope that they get bigger and show the world who’s boss. I only wish them the best in their lives, health, and well being. 

Black Veil Brides is one of those bands people love to hate. I understand people hating them. By all means hate on them. That is YOUR prerogative. I respect other peoples opinions as people should do mine. But I would like to mention a few things. NEVER allow your opinion BVB hater reading this to A) Cross the line and B)Make death threats against the band and or tell them to kill themselves. You will be reported by me and other caring BVB members. I know we don’t give a fuck. But really threatening death against another person for no reason at all is VERY fucked up. Oh while I am at this. QUIT CALLING THEM EMO-FAGS AND FAGGOTS. I view it as very asinine. YOU are throwing the LBGT community under the bus. Bullying is unacceptable period. So if you want to “Hate” hate in an acceptable manner. I will respect you. Please and thank you. 

Have a good one BVB army. I hope you are well where ever you hail from. I am doing well in Idaho aka Potatoland. YOU all mean the world to me. I only wish you all the best. Many Potato vibes. Have a many potatoes on me. THIS piece was made for ALL of you and the magnificent Black Veil Brides. 




Freelance rock and roll journalism piece written by: Mariah Hanna 

“These Are MY words if you steal my words. NO Potatoes for you.” 


Black Veil Brides: The Sound of a Nation!!!!

Never give in…Never back down….Never give in when the fire rises. I would like to address recently that I apologized to Black Veil Brides for being a Black Veil Brides hater. Not many people have the balls to do that. They deserved it. I am so happy that I got their approval and acceptance of the apology. But anyways, I would like to address my recent researching of how biased rock/metal media sites take Black Veil Brides and the hate they get on their.

It just appalls me that people would and even professional journalists would degrade a band that has helped thousands of people throughout the world. Its just insane and appalling. How they take the most stupid things and make a big deal out them. Just recently all the metal/rock media was having a field day cause Black Veil Brides got caught using hollowed out cabs and the use of scrims. ALL bands use this technique. Even journalist’s find a way to show their “Hate” through bogus articles and to get more traffic to their sites. Its beyond insane to me. Oh and all the trolls flock to the sites and have a field day for themselves cause someone agrees with them. People do you have things to do. Like mow your lawns. Take care of your housework. Daily domestic chores. Its just appalling to me. I just don’t get why Black Veil Brides get the amount of hate they get. I know I used to hate them. But I kept my opinions to myself. But the outpouring of hate they get is just over the top insane.

I have been in the BVB army for 6 months now. I can’t believe the amount of love, respect, and devotion Black Veil Brides has for their army and fans alike. I have read countless Tumblr, Facebook, twitter messages, and blog pieces from BVB army members about how Black Veil Brides has helped them through a tough time whether it be from preventing them to commit suicide, self harm, and other negative acts. It brightens my heart to know that these four fine men who are normal walks of life like you the reader and I has helped that fan so deeply. Its very phenomenal and amazing what Black Veil Brides does.

Many members in the BVB army has showed their love and devotion of the band through beautiful art pieces for years. Even though I have been in the BVB army for six months now. I have researched the countless artwork these amazing people do. All the hours and hard work they put in doing their artwork pieces. Some of the pieces are so realistic its so unreal.

Black Veil Brides has done things no other band has ever did. They have done a film about their CD Wretched and Divine: The Story Of The Wild Ones called Legion Of The Black. I previously did a review of it a few weeks ago and still am amazed on how out of the box Black Veil Brides is with their music. They work so hard to put their music out their. Its one hundred percent themselves and their work. They write and play music based on influences and the years of practice they have under their belts. Jinxx is classical trained at playing the piano and violin. Jinxx and Jake Pitts guitar chemistry is one unique riff monster in itself. Their ain’t nothing that can reach or match what Jinxx and Jake’s writes and plays on the guitar. Along with CC’s “Take it to the next level” drumming beats. Andy’s guttural screams and his angel singing voice. I would like to say that he is one amazing singer. I have heard a lot singers in my time and he is up in the ranks with legends. I also love the fact that they take part in gang style vocals and how well its done.

Black Veil Brides is one unique band. Want to know why. Here are the reasons. Black Veil Brides lyrical standouts are off the charts and are through the roof. When Andy and or the band writes lyrics. Its pure liquid gold. Every ounce of lyrics they write is inspirational, moving, empowering, fun, educational, healing, helpful, and can save peoples lives. Black Veil Brides is a dream team of 4 normal dudes who came from ordinary backgrounds growing up from being bullied at school to just normal average daily dredge’s of life. Black Veil Brides basically in the BVB army’s eyes are “Super Heros” and are deemed their saviours. They are personally mine too. I don’t know how, what, or even I could live my life without Black Veil Brides now. So glad I apologized as a Black Veil Brides hater and I put the Black Veil Brides hater to death on January 27th of this year.

Black Veil Brides have yet to do even more magical things yet. I look forward to the future endeavors of the band. I honestly get goosebumps to even think about. Black Veil Brides and their famous BVB army will grow even bigger and bigger. I hope someday they do become “The Biggest Band in the World.” With each of their 4 talents there is no telling what their “Take It To The Next Level” move would be.

Black Veil Brides has helped thousands and thousands of people all around the world with their inspiring messages and powerhouse lyrics. I only hope they continue to save more lives in present and the future. BVB means the world to each and everyone of the BVB army members.

The amount of respect and love they give to their fans online, face-to-face, and in general is one for the books. They connect with their fans each and ever day. Its insane. I never seen a band so active with their fan base in my life. Its truly heartwarming to know that they truly give a shit about us as a whole. Its like winning the band to fan base lottery.

The charity work they do for all sorts of charities is awe inspiring. Andy, CC, Jinxx, Jake, and “Former” are 4 amazing people. It just pisses me off that people take them the wrong way based on first impressions. I hate that these 4 amazing individuals get so much hate and flack for just being themselves. When I see them post a charity link on the internet and if a fan helps promote the fund. I read the comments that other people make its truly sickening and sad. How people have to be so jealous of other people to degrade them like that. These four amazing men give a shit and give back to the community. I just don’t understand all this hate they get.

I see pictures of BVB and fans on the internet of fans meeting them. Some of the pictures are so beautiful and amazing that I cry happy tears for that person. When I read stories of people meeting them or just how BVB saved their life and so forth its amazing to read blog pieces and Tumblr posts like that everyday. I truly cherish reading all the BVB army’s stories. All the artwork floors me.

Black Veil Brides has inspired me to become a rock and roll journalist. I want to become my own rock star doing reviews and article pieces like the one you are just currently reading. P.S. Thank you for taking the time out your busy lives and to read my piece about Black Veil Brides. I only do hope and wish the best for each and everyone of them. I just can’t believe that a band was the key in my finding my person. Falling in love with Black Veil Brides has changed me life completely for the better.

In conclusion, I only hope to one day sit down when I am well educated in interviewing bands and the ethics behind it. To only one day interview Black Veil Brides. Its one of my interviewing bucket list items to do in my life. Black Veil Brides isn’t just a band we are family meaning we are legion, for we are many. Hoping someday they get the recognition they deserve such as awards and standing ovations at award shows instead getting booed and hated upon. Black Veil Brides has helped thousands and thousands of their BVB army members throughout the world through their powerhouse lyrics and inspirational messages. Each and everyone of them have shown their god given musical talents through all three albums of theirs: We Stitch These Wounds, Set The World On Fire, and Wretched and Divine:The Story of The Wild Ones and their Rebels EP. I only wish to continue on being a huge fan of theirs. They mean the world to me as they do to each and everyone of the BVB army member’s. Its insane how one band can changed the whole world. I have no words to describe how amazing each of them are. I only wish the best for them. Best of wishes Black Veil Brides. We all love you.



Black Veil Brides article written by: Mariah Hanna(PotatoBVBQueen is my twitter handle) Date July 3rd, 2013

-These are my words. If you steal my hard work and my words. NO POTATOES FOR YOU.

P.S. My computer word software somehow changed cabs to amps in the second paragraph. Apologies for the mistake. All I can say is stupid technology now days.