Legion Of The Black: A Fan Film Review

We are the Revelation….. We are one.. I would like to open this review on a positive note as many positive notes will be made throughout this review. For weeks I planned on reviewing “Legion Of The Black” directed by: Patrick Fogarty. When I got the DVD I was going to watch it with no interruptions at all. I just got done watching it a few minutes ago. BY FAR thee most amazing sight my eyes have ever seen in a long time .

I would like to say congratulations to Andy, Christian, Jinxx, Jake, and “Former”. Plus to Alicia Vigil, Patrick Fogarty, William Control, Juliet Simms and many other people who made such a beautiful rock and roll musical film happen.

First I would like to comment on how well done the sound effects and background sound effects were well done. Plus Black Veil Brides on one hell of performance throughout the entire film. The sounds were at theater room quality in my tiny little earbuds. I HAVE NEVER had that experience before watching a DVD on my laptop. Everything was well done and well thought out. Sound was carefully planned out and casted thoroughly.

Second, the lighting and other effects throughout the film was just like a fourth of July firework finale every gosh dang second. My ADD was off the wall trying to keep up and stay focused throughout the film. It was just beautiful.

The short story Andy wrote for Wretched and Divine: Story of the Wild Ones that was portrayed in Legion of the Black was beyond phenomenal. Andy is one pure, intellectually genius that thinks outside of the box when it comes to writing music. I HAVE NEVER in my 21 years of being an avid music lover come across someone lyrically that powerful and then turn around write a short story for rock and roll musical film like this. Just amazing if you ask me. My mind is blown. YOU go Andy. I also want to pin point the musical counterparts that were written so well by Jinxx, Jake, “Former”, CC, and Andy. The musical counterparts were written so well. This concept album/film was thoroughly well musically thought out. The riffs, breakdowns, solos, bridges, choruses, and Jinxx’s classical music orchestrated music made for one insane album. I love how Jake and Jinxx feed off of each other riff wise. Their chemistry is sonically one huge shit kicker with Christian’s “CC Smash” or “Take it to the next level” killer drums beats. YOU GO ANDY, CC, JINXX, AND JAKE.

Third I would to say the cast throughout the film was just outstanding. I didn’t watch this and expect a crappy film. BVB they make turds turn into golden nuggets. Alicia Vigil’s aka Eve Black’s inner strength and courage throughout the film was inspiring. How her parents took her from being a manic for loving something so much that she lives and breathes that bands music everyday and they put her in mental institution for not accepting for who she is. But in today’s society this does really happen. I am very fortunate to have parents who grew up liking the same sort of musical tastes I do. But some kids out their aren’t fortunate and have strict parents who condemn their children for rebelling against their families beliefs and traditions. I have only seen this for many years on the internet kids take to music as their psychologist cause they can’t talk to their parents cause they are the reason to their problems. People aren’t perfect. But its up to the person on what path they choose in life. As said in LOTB “You can live your life in heaven or create your hell.” You either live your life in positive manner or negative manner its up too you as the reader of the review.

Fourth is my own take on this miraculous musical film. No words can ever describe how amazing this music film is. Black Veil Brides has done NO ever band has done before. Made a film out of their CD. I will continue to support these five multi-talented men. They have gone and did something out of the box. I love the film so much the film will never get old with me.

Fifth, Juliet Simms and Willam Controls guests appearances were very phenomenal and well done. I was very shocked at their performance and their charisma throughout Legion Of The Black. Their vibe to the film was phenomenal.

Sixth, The portrayal of F.E.A.R and the Rebels their epic journey and battle for a united kingdom had me speechless throughout the musical film. It was amazing out cry from both sides to see the struggle enfold and end in a epic uprising battle.

All in All, Black Veil Brides will become the biggest band in the world someday and this musical film proves it all. I just don’t get why these five amazing men get the hate they do. Its just absurd. Of all the thousands of fans they have helped through the years this band is surely doing everything right in the books. I am so happy to have become a fan of Black Veil Brides. They mean the world to me as they mean the world to each and everyone of you BVB army members.

With the releasing of The Ultimate Edition of Wretched and Divine:Story of The Wild Ones yesterday and many other Black Veil Brides events happening throughout the week. This week and every week is dedicated to Black Veil Brides. Everyone have an awesome International BVB on June 17th. I plan on doing something epic on that day. Stay tuned.



These are my thoughts on the Legion of the Black a film on Wretched and Divine: The Story of the wild ones a concept done by rock and roll band from Hollywood, CA Black Veil Brides. This is must see film for any fan of theirs, musical film enthusiasts, non opened minded BVB fans, and people in all walks of life in general.

Thank you for reading my review. Greetings from Idaho.

Mariah Hanna (The Potato BVB Queen)


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